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Top 18 Wreaths, People Are Searching.

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Just like you, we all try our best to focus on doing the right Christmas decorations.


What we have about Xmas

Xmax Wreaths

What We've Done on Christmas Wreaths

There may thousands of wreath supplier, are doing similar things, wholesale Christmas wreaths in China. But because of the different culture issue, it's not easy to make the right Christmas wreaths by Chinese factory themselves.

But there're still ways to doing right wreaths. With the buyers' rich experience leading, make the right wreaths easier. But in this case, it really needs to spend much time.

How to save your time on getting the right wreaths?

Luckily, with the online marketing developed, Bloomever could get some ideas base on creating basic Christmas wreaths for reference, which are made base on people interests and behaviors according to the data. Then make the further changes with the customers requirements for their market.

Yeah, with this, providing the right Christmas wreaths makes us outstanding from others in China.

We analyzed 2 million data about Christmas wreath to see which feature people try to search online. So if you want to get GREATE results from it, you'll love this post.

Let's dive right in.

Christmas Wreaths

What Are The Right Christmas Wreaths?

If we want to provide the right wreaths to your business, first simple question would be "what kind of wreaths are popular? "

There are some ways could give us some tips,

  1. we may could go to Amazon to see top 100 Christmas wreaths.
  2. or visit the retailers website, like Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, to see what kinds of wreaths they are selling?
  3. or search the Christmas wreath in google, and check what wreath they provide.

All of above is to analysis what are the features of the Christmas wreaths they wholesale or distribute?

The wreaths, that people are searching?

What kinds of exactly features do people search about the Christmas wreath?

Here's where we come up with the ideas that the people searches in google about Christmas wreaths.

Yes, above those are really very helpful. it's just a part of features of the Christmas wreaths we got.

I'm going to list all features we can do, and you can give a quick view on them.

NOTE: Of course, in fact, All christmas wreaths we show here, are just partial of what we have.

  1. White Christmas wreath
  2. Large Christmas wreath
  3. Small Christmas wreath
  4. Christmas ball wreath
  5. Christmas ribbon wreath
  6. Christmas ball wreath
  7. Buffalo plain wreath
  8. Christmas holly wreath
  9. Christmas flocked wreath
  10. Red Christmas wreath
  11. Pine Christmas wreath
  12. Blue Christmas wreath
  13. Gold Christmas wreath
  14. Sliver Christmas Wreath
  15. Pink Christmas wreath
  16. Eucalyptus Christmas wreath
  17. Pine cone flower wreath
  18. Christmas bulb wreath

So if you're looking for the Christmas wreaths with above features, or you have your own ideas, need a factory to turn it into your own items for business. Email us.

With above features, let's dive into what we're doing now.

White Christmas Wreath

Yes, It's Popular - White Christmas Wreath

It's pretty clear that there was a drastic and sharp increase in each year since 2015. and is very stable. People really like the white Christmas wreath.

Even we know the white Christmas wreath is popular, we still need more tips to give us a direction what kind of it we should make.

Let's dig deeper.

Here's the list of some ideas, which people are trying to search about the white Christmas wreath

The features about white Christmas door wreaths, most of them about the color, like blue and white, red and white, white and silver, and the pink and white Christmas wreath.

It's time to show what we've done base on those color tips about Christmas door wreaths

White Christmas wreath with red bird & White red berry Christmas wreath with bird

White flocked Christmas wreath

Silver and white Christmas wreath

Pink and white Christmas wreath

Blue mixed silver and gold Christmas wreath

Red Xmas Wreath

No Doubt - Red Christmas Wreaths Are in Our LIST

The blue line is for the white Christmas wreath, and the red is for the red Christmas wreath, from the trends, since 2015, both of them enjoy the similar search volume in google.

That's good to know. It's worthy to make some samples to show to the customers.

Let's try to get more features about the red Christmas wreath, so that we can be more clear with it.

Here we go, the partial features keywords about the red Christmas wreath:

After more analysis, we got features words, such as red berry, red poinsettia, white and red berry, and burgundy berry.

It's the time that we show what Bloomever have done for the red christmas wreath, let's see.

Red berry christmas wreath

Red berry Christmas wreath

White and red berry christmas wreath

Burgundy berry christmas wreath

Hope there'll some above red Christmas wreaths you are interested in.

Now I'd like to turn it to you:

Are you looking for the Christmas wreath for your projects?

Or you may search for a right supplier for your long term relationship business.

Either way, let me know by Emailing Us Now

Burlap Christmas Wreath

Yes, We Have Burlap Christmas Wreath

Burlap wreath is not enjoy great search volume any more, but there are still some people like it.

Here's the trends graph about burlap Christmas wreaths.

It's clear to see in this trends graph of the burlap Christmas wreaths, it enjoy less and less search volume since 2015.

But we still like to give it try, let see what we did for burlap christmas wreaths.

Burlap poinsettia Christmas wreath

Traditional Wreaths

Traditional Wreaths - Gold Christmas Wreaths and Silver Christmas Wreaths

We like to analysis the data before make the samples for the new season.


Because it could help us the make the right wreaths, and provide the basic wreaths to the customers, it'll be easier for customers to make the further changes on the right wreath. and really save much of time

As you can see, we did it for above wreaths. Yes, they are just partial of what we have. and those features are exactly people search in google.

Let's see what we will do to the cold Christmas wreath and silver Christmas wreaths.

Here we go.

Trends of gold Christmas wreath(2015 - 2019)

Trends of silver Christmas wreath(2015 - 2019)

It seems alright for both of silver Christmas wreath and gold Christmas wreath, not as popular as the red Christmas wreath or the white Christmas wreath.

But we still would like to make some samples base on data, to grab the market. Let's try to find some features tips.

Features of the gold Christmas wreath:

  • Gold berry wreath
  • Red and gold Christmas wreath
  • golden ball wreath
  • gold glitter wreath

Here's what Bloomever have done for gold Christmas wreath

Red berry and gold Christmas wreath

Gold berry wreath with glitter

Gold leave wreath

Golden berry pick

Golden wreath with red ball

Features of the silver Christmas wreath:

  • White and silver Christmas wreath
  • red and silver Christmas wreath
  • silver ball wreath
  • silver glitter wreath

Now we'd like to show some silver wreath we've made

Silver Christmas door wreath

White and silver Christmas wreath

Silver ball wreath

Of course, this is just partial gold and silver wreath we did. We'd like to send your all blooms catalog for reference, Email US

Buffalo Wreath

"No Surprise" - Buffalo Plaid Wreath

When Sharon and I talk about new samples for Christmas, it comes too many ideas, base on our experience and customers' suggestions, but we still did analysis before we develop the new blooms. And before any ideas coming, Sharon insist in making some black and white plaid wreaths.

Finally, Sharon are right, we really should make some buffalo plaid wreaths>.

Here's the treads of the buffalo plain wreaths we got.

It's quit clearly that since 2015, there's growth, and continually increasing in popularity year on year.

Let's go straight and see what we've done for buffalo plaid wreaths

White and black bow wreath

White and black bow wreath

Well, what we can do is more than we are showing here, email mail us, we'd like to hear from you.

Pinecone Christmas Wreath

Classic Wreath - Pinecone Christmas Wreath

No doubt. Pinecones are traditional for Christmas. They're perfect to combine with any features in the wreaths.

We even don't need analysis the data to get any trends ideas, that if pinecone is on trends or not. Let's dive into it directly.

It seems pinecone can be combined with any things in wreaths. I'm going to show some we did here.

White Pinecone Wreath

White Pinecone Wreath

Bleached Pinecone Wreaths with Gum Nut

Flocked Wreath

It's on Right Trends - Flocked Wreath

When we dig the data of Christmas wreath before making new samples. There is one keywords continue to become popular since 2015. Therefore, we'd like to consider such features to make some new samples.

The flocked wreath, it's easy to see from the trends graph below.

Obvious results here, quite clear, that over the past 5 years, there's growth.

Let's dive right in...

White Flocked Wreath

More Wreaths

What's More About Bloomever Christmas Wreath

Here I want to show you more Christmas wreath with different features, which are always searched by people, such as:

Evergreen Christmas Wreath

Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath

Bulb Christmas Wreath

You Want to See More Collections for Christmas?

Yes, of course. For each wreath, there will be a garland, pick, spray, swag, small christmas tree and teardrop to match it.

And, we do have many on trends artificial christmas wreath, with antler, bay leave, holly, white flower, rusty bell, birch branch, and more.

As you saw, we do have the ability to make the christmas wreath, whatever with your requirement, or base on your target price. to help grab your market.

If you want to see all we have?

Or you want to customized the wreaths for your projects.

Either way, I'd like to hear from you. Let me know by emailing us.