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Bloomever recently analyzed the data of the outdoor fall wreath. And want to get ideas about what kind of fall wreath people are interested in.


Fall Wreath

Our goal?

These Fall Wreaths are on Trends

We totally understand as a Chinese wreath factory, we did have a big different on culture things. The chance for us is keeping doing the right wreaths. Either we're going to get the ideas from customers or copy the wreath online.

There is actually a more effective way to save 60% time of the customers, most important we can create right basic samples for reference.

Yes, gaining insights on the consumer behavior, it will help target the right wreaths. All the useful data can help us to make the basic wreaths.

Now, we got some ideas about fall wreaths, which people are searching in google. I'm going to show them to you.

  • pumpkin wreath
  • fall sunflower wreath
  • white fall wreath
  • fall burlap wreath
  • small fall wreath
  • fall berry wreath
  • fall hydrangea wreath
  • felt leaf wreath
Pumpkin Wreath

Try These Pumpkin Wreath

Let me show you the ideas before we dive into it, though it just gives us a direction, and yes, this direction works...

As you can see, this is just part of the ideas list, and there are some features of pumpkin wreath, people are searching in google.

And now, we need a measurement to see if what we've found online are still popularity.

How does Bloomever identify the right fall wreaths?

The answer is...

Yes, we can see from the data above that searching volume for the fall wreath since 2015, it is continually increasing in popularity year on year This may mean that the pumpkin wreath with grapevine is really good direction for us to make the wreath for fall.

Dive Deeper into Niches of Fall Wreaths

Now, let me go into the details. Yes, we got ideas feature about fall pumpkin wreaths.

  • burlap pumpkin wreath
  • velvet pumpkin wreath
  • pinecone pumpkin wreath
  • orange pumpkin wreath
  • ...

Burlap pumpkin wreath & burlap pumpkin garland & burlap pumpkin pick

Burlap pumpkin teardrop & burlap pumpkin candle ring & burlap pumpkin wreath with pinecone

Velvet pumpkin wreath

Pinecone pumpkin wreath

Sunflower Wreath

Typical Fall Wreath - Fall Sunflower Wreath

No doubt that the sunflower fall wreath for out door is a very typical wreath for fall. We even don't need to analysis more data to turns out we have to make it for fall season.

Let's go straight and give quick view on what we've done for the sunflower fall wreaths. Here are 3 samples of it:

  • sunflower fall wreath with maple leaf
  • sunflower fall wreath with pumpkin
  • sunflower flower wreath pinecone
  • gam nut sunflower fall wreath for front door

Yes, of course, we did more kinds of the sunflower fall wreaths, and would like to hear any comments on them,

Small Wreath

Are Small Fall Wreath Popular?

Here's the small fall wreath trends niche below:

Because it's the seasonal wreath, there are some picks in each year. Since 2015, the search volume for the small fall wreath is pretty stable. and with the time, there are several picks in 2019. The small fall wreath seems more and more popular with the time.

We do do have the ability to customize all of our fall wreath into small size, or make any further changes by your requirements, even base on your target price, to help grab the market.

Now you might be wondering what we can do on small fall wreaths?

Let's view them

Fall hydrangea wreath with berry & fall Chinese lantern wreath twig base

Maple orange berry wreath with twig base & Small sunflower wreath with berry

All of above small fall wreath is at 40cm x 40cm, and could be packed by BDCM mailing box.

those small fall wreath we made, are still with the feature like hydrangea, maple, sunflower, Chinese lantern...

Berry Wreath

Choosing the Right Fall Berry Wreath for Your Business

Making the right fall berry wreath is very important for us, and we always ask ourselves a question like what kind of blooms the customer expect from us?

A key decision

Find the result in search popularity that helps to come up with the wreath ideas. Here's the result we got after doing a comparison of the three searches:

The blue line(fall berry wreath), the red line(fall sunflower wreath), The yellow line(fall hydrangea wreath).

In the results, this trends shows they are enjoy similar popular over the years since 2015.

That's where that interest of these three fall wreaths over time comes into play as consideration.

Find Features for the fall berry wreath

Ok, the first step for us to find, is the keywords that people always tried to search. And those are people are interested in.

Yes. It's time for us to do something with these features. Let's look at what we're done below:

Fall pip berry wreath & orange pip berry wreath

Fall sweet bitter wreath

Fall orange berry wreath & Fall berry wreath

Fall Hydrangea Wreath

Those Features Are Popular for Fall Hydrangea Wreath

If Bloomever want to make the right wreaths, with the right features, which people are interested in, then we need to focus on the data and trends, of course, the customer suggestions also could give us a direction on the wreaths they want to sell at their location.

But the fast way for the customers, is that Bloomever can provide the right basic wreaths for reference

Let's dive into what popular feature are people interested for the fall hydrangea wreaths.

We got a list of ideas about hydrangea wreaths, but most of them are about spring, like white, pink, and green color. Whatever, we still get few features, that people try to search like orange, blue.

We'd like to hear your ideas about fall hydrangea wreath, and welcome any feedback on them. Let's see what we can do with the fall color tips below:

Fall orange hydrangea wreath & fall blue hydrangea wreath

Leaf Wreath

You Looking for The Leaf Wreath for Fall Season

Now this time, we even do not need analysis the data and trends to find the features about the fall leave wreath. As a new generation provider of the wreath, we did see the customer's design for many years, and we do have the ability to make the wreath with requirements, or base on the target price to make further changes, and keep the same structure of the wreath.

Some times, we also create the wreaths base our what we got these year, to improve our skill.

So yeah, it wasn't easy, But with these years experience was about 20x easier than without nothing at beginning, when we plan to enter into this field. No company afford not to move forward.

And we still did GREAT.

In fact, we have some ideas in making the fall wreaths with leaf. With that, let's dive into it.

Wholes fall wreaths with leaf

Fall magnolia leaf wreath

Magnolia leaf are really popular for a while, a lot of buyers ask for spring wreaths with magnolia leaf, we try to make a plain one as basic fall wreath

if you have any idea about it, we'd like to make a wonderful wreath for you with your rich experience leading. Email:

Felt maple leaf wreath

Fall leaf wreath with pinecone & Fall leaf with pinecone and white pumpkin

EVA fall leaf wreath & EVA mix fall color leaf wreath

Ginkgo leaf fall wreath

From a lot of trying, we did several different kinds of fall leaf wreath, that we'd like to show you more images of them.

What's More about Fall Wreath Bloomever have Done

Above all are just partial wreath we wholesale. Yes, we have more:

  • fall wreath
  • burlap maple wreath
  • sweet bitter wreath
  • pumpkin pinecone wreath
  • fall wreath with acorns

There's nothing better than working with the right Chinese people.

Yes, there'll be a garland, pick, spray, teardrop and swag match the wreath as a set of collections

And if you want to see more about what Bloomever are doing on the wreath, feel free to check our latest e-catalog for each season.

I hope you enjoyed what we showed to you above.

Now I'd like to hear from you.

Which wreath from above you are interested?


You want to turn the ideas into a wonderful wreath for your business.

Either way, let me know by emailing us,