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These 6+1 Spring Flower Wreaths, REALLY can Help Your Business.

Wholesale Flower Wreaths: Your Supplier in China

Now Bloomever is a new generation provider of the wreath in China, and we're proud to say we're a little bit different from others, and focusing on doing the right things.


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Are Your Looking for a Chinese Springtime Wreath Supplier?

Well, of course you do...

The real question is - How do you get the right spring flower wreaths from the right Chinese supplier for your business?

There are too many exporter, wholesale the spring door wreaths out there in China. Most of them provided the similar items. and "some of them NEVER update their product" as our Belgian customer said.

So where do you find the right Chinese supplier, that wholesale the spring door wreath?

Let's look at this, it's not very hard to find Chinese supplier, that wholesale the spring flower wreath on google. There maybe thousands different kind of flower wreaths including, forsythia wreath, tulip wreath, lavender wreath and white wreath...

The reality is that you will NEVER be able to contact all of them, and check if they're the right flower wreath supplier or not. Because it's nearly impossible and will spend a lot of time on that.

Now Bloomever is a new generation provider of the wreath in China, and we're proud to say we're a little bit different from others, and focusing on doing the right things.

Here's Why These 6 + 1 Spring Flower Wreaths, We Help Wholesale on Trends

Let's give a quick look at the this screenshot from google data

Yes - that's right, it helps understand the final consumer behavior, what they're looking for about the spring wreaths, it help us make the wreaths on trends. and tell us what kind of spring flower wreath Bloomever should wholesale.

Here is another some data on flower wreaths for reference:

Do those traditional wreaths are still popular, are people still like those kind of spring door wreaths?

Yup! Still. As we can see from the data above, it gives a direction about what kind of wreaths on trends , and it'll give us some ideas on how we can do better.

After we analyzed more google data about spring wreath, and flower wreath. And it's time to show what we're doing on them.

I'm going to list all of these 6 + 1 spring flower wreaths, they're just a partial we wholesale, but cover the popular typical wreaths. So if you're looking for any of them for business? just contact us, we'll show you more.

Let's started.

  • forsythia wreath
  • lavender wreath
  • tulip wreath
  • sunflower wreath
  • peony wreath
  • daisy wreath
  • white wreaths

if you're searching a new wreath supplier, and want to get more wreath for reference. you'll love what we bring to you today.

Popular Wreaths

What Kind of Forsythia Wreaths Are Still Popular?

Above is the search volume trends of the forsythia wreath in google data, from Feb. 2019 to Jan 2020.

Yes, it's still typical springtime wreath.

We found that trends about the forsythia wreath, which provided by google data. The yellow forsythia wreath is still the most popular, and there're someone would like white forsythia wreath as well. But there some of our customer also would like to purchasing the purple forsythia wreath for their events and wedding clients.

Above is the interest over time about forsythia wreaths since Feb. 2015.It turns out that the forsythia wreath is very typical as the spring time door wreath.

Well, even though Google give us some ideas about what kind of forsythia wreath we should wholesale, we still need to give a try to make a basic sample.

Forsythia Wreath

See, What Forsythia Wreath Bloomever Bring to You

Yellow forsythia wreath & pick by EVA

Pink forsythia wreath & garland & pick

Here is the White Forsythia Wreath & garland & pick

If you would like to get purple color or any else requirements on it, we'd like to make a further change with your leading. Just email us.

The Best Offer to You

Hi, We're Bloomever

As a direct Chinese exporter, we can offer you competitive pricing, and fabulous new wreaths. There is really nothing better than working with the right Chinese supplier.

Lavender Wreaths

Which The Lavender Wreaths, Bloomever Wholesale

First, we want to do analysis the data, see what kind of lavender wreath, that the consumers are searching? and make sure that what we're created is the one, can help interest your customers.

After checking out those data, and look at the tips. All of them will give us a direction on which kind of the lavender door wreath we should think about. But we still need to know it's worthy to do or not. After all, the lavender flower wreaths have been popular for many years.

So, why we should wholesale the lavender wreaths?

Because it really enjoy a good volume searching online. Which leads us to...

Here are the ideas we got from the data, which shows the people interests on lavender wreath for front door. it takes sometime to find them, but really exited and worthy to do it.

  • lavender heart wreath
  • large lavender wreath
  • small lavender wreath
  • artificial lavender wreath

And now it's time to share what we make

Lavender wreath & lavender teardrop & lavender garland

Lavender heart wreath & lavender pick

Small lavender wreath,inner diameter is at 4.5 inch(11.5cm) and 6.5 inch(16.5)

Those are the lavender wreath we export currently, accordingly to our analysis. However, if you have any ideas about it, we'd like to turn it into a wonderful product. We do do have the ability to make it with your leading.

Tulip Wreath

Are You Interested in Tulip Wreath?

For us, we found that more and more buyer team would like to ask some artificial tulip wreath for their project and business. This is the kind of thing, that can drive us to make the right wreaths, with the customers real requirements.

However, we still need to look for some ideas, on what kind of tulip front door wreath, people are interested in, which tulip wreath we should wholesale?

We have to provide valued basic wreath for reference. Whatever buyers would like to make a further changes on that, or import directly without any revised.

By the way, if you're also doing online business on google. We definitely sure we could provide the value wreaths for your wreath wholesale projects, base on what we're doing.

It'll save your 66% time to find the right wreaths from the special Chinese wreaths.

Most importantly, the every single piece of blooms you got from Bloomever, will be with the right quality at right price within the right time.

Well, let's get back to the artificial tulip wreath, I list some ideas below:

  • pink tulip wreath
  • yellow tulip wreath
  • carrot tulip wreath
  • white tulip wreath
  • purple tulip wreath
  • red tulip wreath
  • tulip heart wreath
  • 4th of July

we would like to test below tulip front door wreath first.

Mixed color tulip wreath

Once any of the tulip wreaths are set up the way you want, just get contact us (info@bloomever.com)

Sunflower Wreath

This Is Typical Wreath for Spring Door Wreath - Sunflower Wreath

We really don't need to say how people like decorate their front door with the sunflower grapevine wreath.

You're going to see different types of sunflower wreath we currently have. Not only for spring time, but also for fall. Let's go straight to what we have on outdoor sunflower wreaths.

Sunflower wreath & sunflower garland & sunflower pick

Though here we're talking about spring time wreaths, but here are also two sunflower wreaths for summer and fall, that we'd like show you for reference.

Summer sunflower wreath & Fall sunflower wreath

Peony Wreath

Customized Peony Floral Wreath for Your Project

Let's take another look at the peony wreath, we made.

We didn't get so many exactly ideas from the real data, about which kind of peony wreath, that people are very interested in.

But in fact, we made some peony flower wreath as the basic sample, we'd like to hear any feedback on them.

See, how do they look like?

Yes , of course, we do have more kinds of peony door wreath, such as peony hydrangea wreath, eucalyptus and peony wreath.

Flower Wreath

Hydrangea Wreath or Daisy Wreath?

We analyzed the google data, compare the hydrangea wreath and daisy wreath. And want to know more marketing information about which spring flower wreath is popular for the online marketing.

Here's what we found:

And interestingly, yes, the red is for hydrangea wreath. As you can see, since Jan. 2015, the hydrangea wreath is always more popular.

We need to dig more to find good hydrangea door wreath ideas.

Hydrangea Wreath

Comment and Choose the Spring Hydrangea Wreath for front door

This is how we got started with, and we wholesale those spring hydrangea wreath currently. We believe as long as we're doing something new and right, we're good to go.

With that, here are some hydrangea wreath we did below:

White hydrangea wreath & hydrangea garland & hydrangea pick with wild flower

White hydrangea wreath,inner diameter is at 4.5 inch(11.5cm) and 6.5 inch(16.5)

white + blue hydrangea wreath & purple + yellow hydrangea wreath

Those are the real example, when we're trying to create the wreaths for new season, But not the only way to we're doing, obviously, it's good way to get ideas, and find what wreath people will be interested in, base on the google data.

But we still like to hear the comments from the customers, they know the local market better, and always provide awesome ideas, what we need to do is focusing on turning it into the amazing item.

So the best part?

Bloomever will create the basic wreath valued sample with analysis data, and then customers will make the further changes, according their marketing experience.

White Wreath

All About White Wreath

what to include in white wreath?

From the trends, the white wreath for front door become more and more popular since 2015.

I really recommend to fill our form to get the latest e-catalog, to see how many different kinds of white wreath Bloomever have. It's easy to find the white grapevine wreath, white flower wreath, white berry wreath in it. Also the white pumpkin wreath for Fall, and white snow wreath for winter

Now It's Your Turn...

I hope those above can help you know us better, and now I'd like to hear any comments on them from you:

What kind of the wreaths you plan to get from China for your business?

Or maybe you have a question about us

Either way, go head and email us right now.